How Mobile Is A Distraction For A Healthy Living

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Healthy Habits

It is very hard to develop a new habit especially when it comes to developing healthy habits. Healthy habits such as eating healthy, daily workout and improving sleep patterns. As I wanna discuss, mobile plays a very important role in the lives of this younger generation but along with that, it has also affected this generation very badly. 

Social Media Notification

The main thing, mobile phone attacks the time of an individual and if your time is going into waste, you cannot develop healthy habits. The distraction it brings with the notifications from social media is consuming 50 percent of the time of this generation. 

For Just 15 Minutes

Have you noticed it? , that if you open a youtube channel you tend to watch one after another video, in Instagram, you like one post, swiping down, one after another post and suddenly you see you have successfully wasted your 3 hours, where you just wanted to check the Instagram or youtube for just 15 minutes? 

My Own Experience

The obsession with social media can turn your 15 minutes successfully into 3 hours and you will not even notice. You notice only when the time is wasted. I wanna share it with my own experience. I regularly think of sleeping early and getting up early so that I may work out in the morning and eat my breakfast peacefully.

Valuable Time

So every night I plan that for just 30 minutes I will spend on any particular social media app but when I look at the time, to my surprise it’s already 3 hours since I started to surf on social media. So in this way because of social media, I was unable to sleep early and get early, most of my free time and also my valuable time has been consumed by social media especially on the phone.

Eating Mindfully

If we really need to develop a new healthy habit we first need to cut short the time we spend on our phones in social media. Secondly, we eat always with our phone, when we eat food with our mobile phones our mind is totally on the phone, we tend to sit longer and eat more. If you want to eat healthily you need to eat mindfully.

And no matter what and when you are eating, if you eat without a mobile phone you will eat less and digest more easily as you will chew the food well.

Living With Full Awareness

Do you want to get into the habit of workout? You should have time for it. No matter what you are trying to accomplish, whether you are trying to improve your sleep pattern, eat healthily, or workout regularly, you need to be aware and to be aware of life. You need to get out of social media and mobile phons.

Today people are not aware, They are living in social media. So get out of that and live life consciously with full awareness, only then you can enjoy life in fullest form.

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