Your Thoughts Affect Your Physical Health

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How negative thoughts affect the physical health & invite disease into your system (Body)

Negative Thought Pattern Invites The Deadly Disease

I hope you have heard that as the man thinketh in his heart so is he.

In the previous blog “Why mental health is important in order to be healthy physically” I have explained how some people are just conscious about their physical health & completely ignore mental health.

Now let’s discuss how negative thought patterns invite the deadly disease in your system (Body).

I will explain to you the answers to this question by the experiences of others and mine as well before that let me ask you the first and suggest something on this topic.

Do you have any physical condition diagnosed medically?

If Yes – That’s great because you can test and try and then come to a conclusion about what I am going to discuss herewith.

If Not – That’s also great- You can learn this method from here and can use for the people in your life who are very close to your heart and also you can teach your children-  to not to get sick every now and then- & just be in the state of health and harmony.

Fluid Coming Out Of Your Body

The first thing I want to tell you is that “it is abnormal to be sick & it is normal to be well”. Your first & natural state of being is healthy and at peace at every moment of your life 

It is your natural state to be in, but if you are not healthy naturally than there is something wrong, not in your body organs but in your pattern of thinking, that you do on a regular basis.

Let me make it clear to you. Have you ever seen any fluid coming out of your body because of any particular kind of emotion or feeling and you would say,  yes! tears come out because of the emotional pain we experience & secondly your body releases a kind of lubricant when you are just going to have intercourse with your partner?

Feel-good chemicals are your friends

These are the chemicals realized by your body when you are sad or happy. In the same way, your body releases some kinds of chemicals inside of your body when you are happy, sad, jealous, angry, greedy, unforgiving, ungrateful, full of criticism, complaints, and condemnation towards your self or other people or even circumstances.

We can categorize them in two “Feel bad chemicals called cortisol (there are many more) & and feel-good chemicals are called endorphin, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine.

Feel-Good Chemicals

These four feel-good chemicals are your friends, they are released inside your body when you feel joy, excitement, love, kindness, gratitude, peace, hope, pleasure, cheerfulness, confidence, enthusiasm, admiration, satisfaction,

-contentment, inspiration, amusement, laughter, and there are so many more emotions that we can feel to release feel-good chemicals in our body on purpose.

They boost your immune system, heal the wound, prevent the disease from developing in the body, and help you live a longer and much meaningful life.

 Body’s Main Stress Hormone

The negative thoughts like fear, worry, anxiety, jealousy, hatred, anger, and other destructive thoughts tend to tear down and destroy your nerves and glands. Body tissues control the elimination of all waste materials in the body.

The chemical released by these negative thoughts called cortisol is your body’s main stress hormone, works as an alarm in the body and too much of it can lead to rapid weight gain, muscle weakness, and many other health issues.

Overall destructive thoughts always lead to destruction and thoughts of construction always lead to the construction of a healthy body. No matter who or what your thinking about if you entertain the thoughts which are not in harmony with life, they cling to you, harass you, worry you and finally bring about disease and if persisted for long, possibly they bring death.

You need to be extra conscious if you are secretly hating someone or holding on to grudges against someone in your life because it hurts you not the other person and it is like drinking the poison and anticipating that person who hurt you will die. No, laws of life don’t work that way.

Live A Sickness Free Life

If you need harmony and peace in your physical and external life you first have to be at peace and harmony in your mind with yourself and then with everyone around you.

If you really want to live a sickness free life- practice forgiveness and gratitude, every single day- you will live a sickness free life and if you have any disease at present it will go away gradually once you start living by love, forgiveness, and gratitude towards yourself and others.

Go Deep Down Into The Thought Patterns 

If you spot someone or even your own self struggling with any kind of curable or incurable disease- before concluding anything outside- go deep down into the thought patterns of yours or that person who is sick and watch carefully and observe.

There is something in thoughts or beliefs that are causing that disease and if the beliefs and thinking are improved, they will be healed.

Make Peace With Your Own Thoughts

From my own experience whenever I have caught even cold or fever there was something I thought before that, which was negative. Whenever I worry about anything I get sick.

Whenever I get anxious about anything I get sick, and the moment I make peace with my own thoughts and come to a peaceful state in my mind and refuse to think negative and replace negativity with positivity I started to heal myself.

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