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Do You Know How Important It Is To Have A Healthy Sexual Life?

So do you know how important it is to have a healthy sex life in order to be happy and achieve success in life? Yes, Of course, there have been some exceptional cases in this world who completely abstained from sex such as Jesus. And you may and will find exceptions everywhere in this world because it is a very huge place. Being a normal human you have three basic necessities food, clothing, and shelter and when these three necessities are met here comes the urge to fulfill the fourth need which is the sexual need.

They Understood Us Better Than Us

Our ancient Indians understood it better than us this 21st generation that how important it is to fulfill the sexual need, that’s why they got their children married right after they hit the puberty, because when a girl or boy child hit puberty and became matured they need sex.- People don’t want to face this fact and they will do every possible thing to avoid this topic as it is said to be the sin in almost all religions. 


Ancient Tradition Of Multiple Wives

We all know that in ancient culture people had multiple wives like Solomon of the bible but this is not the topic here. The topic is to take and see sex as actually as it is in reality. It is one of the four basic necessities of a human. these four basic needs are the 4 pillars of a human if one is weakened or broken, how life is supposed to be balanced and fulfilling. No, it cannot 

Sex Is The Basic Human Need

If it was not how the world would grow and advance to its full potential as it is now, there would be no humans without sex. And the beauty of it is that no man or woman needs to create this desire of sex, it is inbuilt in the human DNA. You cannot separate it as so many religions try to do it. If you want to separate the sexual energy from a man or woman just kill’em, only then it could go away. If a person is alive he/she will need sex. If you think the other way around you are a sinner.

Let Us Understand that when It Is Acceptable And When Not 

Your basic need is to eat food to get nourishment from it, and it doesn’t mean you can eat anything on this earth like these chines do and spread different kinds of pandemics in the world like COVID -19. In the same manner, sex is your basic need, it doesn’t mean you will kill and molest people to do it as it will hang you as it happened in the Nirbhaya case. That shit is not allowed whatsoever.


Guidelines & Law Must Be Followed

So, it’s perfectly fine to have sex but with the person who has deep love and connection with you such as your life partner. No other way around, as you cannot eat anything you see you cannot have sex with just anyone you see. It could be and would be harmful to your personal health and social health and do not forget it will definitely throw you in lifetime prison or hang you if you do not follow the guidelines and law.

So keep in mind what do I mean here. if you don’t want to spread another pandemic in the world and don’t want to be hanged as it happened in the Nirbhaya case.

Healthy Sexual Life Will improve All Areas Of  Life

If your one arm is hurting your whole body will be in uneasiness, so one area is facing a problem all the other areas will be in chaos, on the other hand, if one area of your life is improving, all the other areas will start to improve. So if your sexual life is struggling all the other areas would have been suffering. That is true af. Have you noticed that sometimes you don’t even fill like to work just because one area of your life is shattered?

Do Not Suffer Anymore

That is because your physical body is going through some underlying issues such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, low sex desire and so on? When one has a very healthy sexual life it shows up on his/her face and the energy level, enthusiasm, success, and achievements just light up their personality, so if you really want all of that you will have to improve your sexual life.

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    Yes, sex is one of the prime needs for humans

    S S yadav

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