Do You Know Sexual Intimacy Is An Art ? Why Your Woman Don’t Like It?

Its An Art

At this point in time, everyone knows that everything is art. Cooking is an art, money-making is an art, being a leader is an art. Of course you can cook without any prior knowledge and training but what if you cook food with knowledge and training, it will taste much better and delicious. In the same manner, sexual intimacy is an art, which is worth learning to be happy and satisfied in your relationship.

Most of the problem that arises in relationships are because of sexual intimacy. Sometimes wife does not know the true meaning and art of love-making and sometimes the husband does not know. Then all sorts of problems and disputes make a home in a beautiful loving relationship.

Don’t you think, its important to learn the art of sexual intimacy if you want a loving and harmonious relationship with your partner?

The answer is always – Yes!

Because who the hell does not want a happy sex life..? 🤔

So let’s explore some basic ideas to make your lovemaking sessions more passionate, romantic, heated, and mostly full of satisfaction.

1. Outside Of The Bedroom

Your sexual intimacy suffers because you both may not have a harmonious and happy relationship outside of the bedroom.
If you are a man, its easy to just have sex for instant gratification, but for a woman, everything matters. The way you support her, treat her, respect her, or disrespect her, or scold her. In whatever way you treat her outside of the bedroom, it will all show up in the bedroom. You cannot do anything about it, except improving your relationship outside of the bedroom. Actually, women are designed that way, and it’s vice versa.

2. Buried Emotions

Sometimes women don’t indulge in sexual intimacy at all, they keep themselves busy in kids and household chores. If it’s your case, that your wife does not even want to talk about sexual intimacy with you. The chances are that you might be dealing with a woman who has a number of buried emotions and she is just not comfortable sharing them with you. if a woman feels uncomfortable sharing her emotions with you, it’s quite possible to not to share sexual intimacy with you, because a woman does not get into sex for just instant gratification, she gets into sexual intimacy for the real soulful intimacy, to build up a deeper connection with her man. So now its time to check with your self that are you making her feel comfortable and safe in your presence, is she happy in her life or some buried emotions are bothering her?

3. You Are Only Concerned About Your Satisfaction

So, once you had passionate sex sessions with your wife but now she does not want that anymore. Why it happened, because she was happy once, what changed her mind?
A woman needs sex even more than a man, even after three to four orgasm she can go on and on, but in men’s case, it’s different. After one ejaculation, you can’t do it anymore, at least not at that time.
So many times you get satisfied after one ejaculation but she wants more even after two to three orgasms, but she doesn’t even get one orgasm and if it happens again and again, it turns her off, and later she can completely ditch the idea of having sex.
Now you wonder, what happened to her that she does not want sex anymore.
The chances are you have pissed her off with your selfish approach to sexual intimacy.

So these are the three ideas you can get from here and go in the direction to improve your sexual life for the good of yourself and her.

Always remember, your outside relationship life will affect your inside sexual life so be aware of how you treat her, make her comfortable around you, and try to satisfy her.

So its an art to actually shape your relationship into something meaningful and full of passion. Shape your relationship outside of the bedroom and see the difference inside the bedroom.

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